How to Maximize Storage Space When Moving Into an Apartment

How to Maximize Storage Space When Moving Into an Apartment

Moving into an apartment from a home that has a lot of space can feel like it’s going to be a challenge. While you can donate or sell a lot of things before you leave, you’ll still have items that have to be stored. Instead of renting a storage unit that can be inconvenient, it’s a good idea to explore different ways to maximize your storage space. With this, you’ll be able to keep your things at home and access them any time that you need.

1. Use Storage Furniture

One of the easiest ways to save on space is by using furniture that secretly functions as storage. Storage ottomans and benches are some of the best examples, as these are useful for extra seating and can also store quite a bit of stuff. These can hide extra linens, pillows, toys, shoes, clothing, and just about anything else that you want to fit inside.

2. Hang Shelves

If you want to avoid cluttering your floor with your things, then try hanging shelves on your walls. These will store decor, books, and electronics without using your walking area. You can also hang baskets on walls in bedrooms to store toys, toiletries, shoes, and extra clothes. Since these also serve as decor, they are beneficial for any style of home.

3. Store Under Your Bed

Hide your extra clothing, shoes, toys, home decor, and bulky items underneath your bed to keep them out of sight. However, it’s important to use flat storage bins in order to organize everything and make it easy to find. Some of these even have wheels so you can easily grab what you need and wheel the bin back underneath.

4. Buy Vacuum Storage Bags

If you have bulky winter clothes or linens that you’re not going to use for a while, then vacuum storage bags are essential. With these, you’ll simply place your linens or clothes inside and then suck the air out with a vacuum. This will leave the bag completely flat, so you can easily store those bulky items in the smallest of places. What’s even better is that these bags won’t ruin your belongings so that you can store your clothes with confidence.

5. Use all Closet Space

When you’re limited on space, you can benefit greatly by organizing your closet. This should begin with the installation of organizing bins, double hangers, and shelves. The goal is to use all of the vertical and horizontal space in your closet, so you don’t have any spaces that are useless. If you’re not able to install shelves, then try using hanging organizers that attach to clothing racks for easy storage of extra clothes and shoes.

6. Use Shelves in Cabinets

The cabinets under your sink can hold a lot of things if you simply place standing shelves inside of them. This will allow you to use more of the vertical space so you can easily keep cleaning supplies and toiletries without creating a chaotic mess. If you have enough space, plastic storage containers with drawers can offer easy organization with storage as a bonus.

An Organized Apartment with Ample Space

Even if you’re moving into a small apartment, you can maximize your space with the storage solutions above. Aside from freeing up your living areas, these can help make organization a breeze, so cleaning is never a difficult task.

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