Seven Essential Supplies That You Need When Packing For A Move

Seven Essential Supplies That You Need When Packing For A Move

Many times, when moving, people skimp on moving supplies because they do not want to spend the money. However, a failure to use moving supplies or misusing them can cause damage to your furniture and other items. People will often wonder why their belongings were broken or scratched during the move. Make sure you have these seven essential packing supplies when preparing for a move.

1. Boxes

Get varied box sizes when preparing for a move. Large boxes are great for bulky but light items such as pillows or blankets. Medium boxes with boxed dividers are adequate for fragile things like dishes. Small ones are good for items such as books. Remember to use a proper-sized box so that you can minimize stuffing and packing paper.

2. Permanent Markers

Since you will do much labeling, you need several markers on hand. You can leave one in each room, or you can give one to each person helping you. Get the dark-colored, king-sized ones so you can read the labels easily, even from across the room.

3. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap comes in rolls containing small or large bubbles. The rolls are serrated so you can tear off however much you need. Bubble wrap is suitable for small breakables, but remember to wrap items with the bubbles inward for best results. When using it for dishes, stack the dishes on their sides, not flat. You can use the bigger bubbled wrap for larger, heavier items such as electronics.

4. Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap has many uses when one is moving. It can keep dresser drawers closed during transit. Stretch wrap is good for keeping other storage containers closed, such as office cabinets. Stretch wrap can help protect furniture from weather elements or scratches.

5. Zip-Lock Bags

When you detach a mirror from a dresser, you need to keep up with the small pieces. Or, you may have other little things that you wish to use wherever you are going. A Ziploc bag will keep these things safe, and you can see what is in them. Depending upon the size, you can use Ziploc bags as water protection for sensitive items.

6. Packing Tape and a Tape Gun

Look for the sticky, clear packing tape, not duct tape. Do not get your tape from the dollar store because cheap tapes will not be the stickiest tape. You will want to be generous when using the tape. When taping boxes, a tape gun will be your best friend.

7. Garbage Bags

Garbage bags can help dispose of trash or pack last-minute items. They are also great for protecting pillows during the move. Moreover, if you have extras, they can be used wherever you are going. So, you do not have to worry about having “just enough.”

For a pleasant, well-organized move, get ready by gathering and using the proper supplies. Proper supplies will prevent your goods from being damaged or broken. The extra money spent on the correct packing supplies “pre-move” can pay big dividends during and after the move.

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